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For your information, starting from 2022, Sedapfood will begin sharing only healthier choice recipes.

However, it is not a diet food or mundane dishes as commonly seen everywhere.

It is more about utilizing healthier choice ingredients, encompassing various types such as low-calorie meals, high-protein recipes, gluten-free options, keto-approved ingredients/recipes, traditional local dishes, and “real food” that is minimally processed or devoid of processed ingredients.

Recipes shared on this blog prior to 2022 are regular recipes made by the community and do not focus on healthier choices.

But since 2019, I have been studying healthier food choices (not just diet food), and in 2022, the decision was made to exclusively share only healthier choice recipes with you within this blog

But if you found recipes that is not use healthy ingredients, forgive my mistake because it is from previous article which cannot deleted easily

It is important to note that if you have issues such as allergies, eczema, inflammation, GERD, anxiety, diabetes, 3 serangkai, etc, it is advised that you select specialized dietary options based on your respective health conditions.

You can consult nutrition professionals to determine which food/cooking ingredients are suitable and should be included in your daily diet.